Eco-construction for the benefit of 
local communities

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We analyze the potential of territories

We analyze Global Eco-Construction and

Energy capacities and needs for states, cities,

territorial governmental entities, NGOs

and private equity companies. We dedicate

appropriate programs and  specific eco-industrial development.

Bioclimatic, biosourced and affordable housing

Affordable cost and energy efficiency are 
at the very heart of our problematics to resolve. Our R&D center is working on the 
performance  of assembled bio-material from Countries with whom we collaborate.
In order to achieve cost-effectiveness, all the  bio-materials we use for construction are  available in the area whether plants or minerals.

Identifying financial partners

Our constructive proposals serve programmatic activities of clearing slums settlements, restructuring specific district, Econeighborhood, eco villages.
We also help project heads to identify public or private financial partners to finance these programs.

Training of local population

Our sustainable and inclusive approach match with social developments needs. We have set  up with our partner AFPA (adult learning and training French agency) a specific construction  training program for populations.

Local eco industrial chains

We enable emergence or consolidation of Eco-industrial activities by integrating them into our programs during the overall projects until delivering and commissioning of contracted building
site. (BOT)

Affordable environmental solutions

We provide innovative, integrated, affordable environmental solutions dedicated to developing countries.